South Africa’s ANC decides to remove Jacob Zuma: source

A senior source in South Africa’s African National Congress party says its executive committee decided to “recall,” or remove, President Jacob Zuma as head of state. Ryan Brooks reports.

JOHANNESBURG / PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA (REUTERS / ENCA) – South Africa’s ruling party moved to end the long struggle for Jacob Zuma to stay in power amid corruption allegations.

A senior source in South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party told Reuters the ANC decided to remove President Jacob Zuma as head of state Tuesday, after a 13-hour meeting of the party’s top leadership.

The party’s executive committee has the authority to order Zuma to step down, however local media are speculating he may refuse to.

The source also said Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa went to speak with Zuma.

By the time the state broadcaster reported Ramaphosa’s motorcade left the marathon meeting in Johannesburg, the ANC leadership had given Zuma 48 hours to resign.

They also said he was heading to Zuma’s offices in Pretoria to deliver the message in person.

If Zuma is removed, Ramaphosa would potentially take over as head of state in a matter of days.


“We will continue with this legacy of fighting corruption”

If Zuma refuses he could still be removed through a motion of no confidence in parliament.

Since becoming President in 2009, Zuma has been dogged by scandal.

Ramaphosa has promised to focus on rooting out corruption and revitalizing economic growth.

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