The historic town of Luebeck sparkles in glorious sunshine

While inside the G7 foreign ministers discuss sensitive and sometimes gloomy matters, outside the sun blazes down and presents the historic Northern German town of Luebeck in its best light

LUEBECK, GERMANY (APRIL 15, 2015) (REUTERS) – As the media spotlight shone on the historic town where the G7 foreign ministers were meeting on Wednesday (April 15), so did the sun.

Locals and visitors to the northern German town of Luebeck enjoyed ice cream and beer as temperatures hit 21 degrees Celsius, while inside the Group of Seven ministers were discussing crises in Libya, Yemen, Ukraine and Iran.

Though security was high around the meeting area, passers-by did not let that stop them from enjoying the day.

Even the anti-G7 protesters called off their demonstration in the face of extensive road blockades, opting to enjoy the spring weather instead.

Though the foreign ministers and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini were in talks until the afternoon, they had had chance to enjoy a boat ride along the sparkling river Trave earlier in the day.

In a joint communique released at the end of their meeting, the foreign ministers of Germany, France, the UK, Italy, the U.S., Canada and Japan said Western sanctions against Russia can only be lifted once Moscow fulfills the ceasefire agreement signed in Minsk in February and respects Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The G7 is due to meet again in June in southern Germany.