The most dangerous woman in Britain?

(REUTERS / ITN POOL) -Princess Leia of Star Wars … well, perhaps she’s not.

But the force certainly does seem to be with Nicola Sturgeon.


“A vote for this SNP manifesto on May 7 will make Scotland’s voice heard at Westminster more strongly than it has ever been before.”

It’s an electrifying prospect for some, terrifying for others.

Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party attack riding into the heartland of British – and English politics.

Pushed along on a surge of support that could see them seize all 59 Scottish seats in parliament.

That would obliterate the opposition Labour Party in one of its traditional strongholds.

Leaving its leader Ed Miliband at risk of no majority.


“Let me be plain. We are not going to do a deal with the Scottish National Party.”

But it’s not an easy choice.

Govern with the SNP – or not govern at all.

Some polls have awarded Sturgeon the highest approval of any party leader across the UK.

A shrewd operator who could hold the balance of British power in her hands.

She’s been been keen to exploit her position as kingmaker.

Threatening to block a Labour budget if Miliband rejects her advances.

Though as Reuters’ Mike Peacock explains, if the SNP doesn’t come to the table, it too risks being left out in the cold.

MIKE PEACOCK, Reuters’ European Economics Editor,

“It can vote down a Labour government and bring back in the Conservatives. Which will be politically poisonous for them in Scotland, where the Tories are enormously unpopular. So in essence, Sturgeon, Alex Salmond and the SNP may have to support a Labour government for some time for their own political reasons north of the border.”

So is she, as one UK tabloid called her, the ‘most dangerous woman in Britain’?

Justin Urquhart Stewart of Seven Investment Management says: blame the others.


‘It only just serves to underline just how vapid and weak most of the other politicians are, because not only can people barely name them, but they’re barely known for very much at all. Whether you agree or disagree with Ms Sturgeon, she has created an amazing change in politics, not just in Scotland, but throughout the entire United Kingdom.”

‘Sturgeonmania’, another newspaper called it.

Who knows whether this UK election will just be the start of it?