Trump promises to “take our country back”

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was in Phoenix, Arizona, focusing his attention again on Mexico saying “Don’t worry, we’ll take our country back.”

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES (JULY 11, 2015) (RESTRICTED POOL) – Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was on the move Saturday (July 11) traversing from one state to another to take his message to the American people.

The real estate mogul began his day with a speech in Las Vegas, Nevada before heading to Pheonix, Arizona, where he spoke passionately in front of more than 20 thousand people after the venue had to be changed due to a larger than expected crowd turn out.

In both speeches, Trump focused his attention on Mexico first, targeting the government for savy business deals and allegedly sending undocumented migrants to the US.

“They’re taking our jobs. They’re taking our manufacturing. They’re taking our money,” said Trump. “And they’re killing us at the border.”

“Don’t worry we’ll take our country back, very soon,” said Trump to a cheering crowd.

Trump faced widespread criticism after he said in his announcement speech last month, that some Mexican migrants are rapists and drug dealers, continuing his theme of the dangers associated with undocumented immigrants living in America.

Trump also blasted the Obama administration’s negotiating skills with Iran, China and even regarding an agreement to exchange five Guantanamo Bay prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was being held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan in June 2014.

Touting his strength at making deals, Trump cited his book, “The Art of the Deal,” as a reason why he should be put in charge of trade deals and nuclear negotiations, using the opportunity to strike at the Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

“If you think about Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State in the history of our country. The worst. The world blew up around her,” said Trump.

Trumps was unphased when his speech was interrupted by a scuffle in the crowd, caused by supporters pulling an anti-Trump banner from several attendees.

Trump currently leads the Republican field in several polls taken of likely GOP primary voters nationally and in primary states like North Carolina.

According to Public Policy Polling, Trump has a slight lead over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) in North Carolina, with 16% of Republican primary voters supporting the real-estate magnate.

Numerous companies with business ties to Trump including NBC, Macy’s, and Nascar have announced that they would be cutting ties with the reality-television star.