Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Trump says Christians in America need to unite

Speaking at Liberty University, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tells students that Christians need to unite like other religions do in order to protect Christianity.

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES (JANUARY 18, 2016) (NBC) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaking at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, on Monday (January 18) told the crowd he is proud to be a Protestant and called on Christians in America to band together.

“I don’t know what it is, we don’t band together maybe, other religions frankly they’re banding together and they’re using it. Here we have, if you look at this country it’s gotta be 70 percent – 75 percent some people say even more. The power we have somehow we have to unify. We have to band together,” Trump said.

Trump also commented on the latest prisoner swap deal with Iran describing the affair as a bad deal.

“We’re getting four back, they’re getting seven, they’re getting fourteen off of the Interpol watch list these are real bad customers. They’re getting all sorts of advantages including free market oil they’re getting unbelievable advantages. They’re going to be an immensely wealthy country and of wealthy terror country and they’re getting one hundred and fifty billion dollars,” Trump said.

Trump also spoke about the campaign funding, describing those who receive funds as corrupt and having to owe those who funded them. “Mr. President gave you two million dollars you got to take care of Ford,” Trump said, before going on the attack against the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“They are going to call Hilary and they will say Madam President, by the way I want to see a woman president soon, but not her, she’s a disaster, she’s a disaster, she’s a disaster,” he said.

Trump received applause from the audience at the packed arena and was presented with a Liberty University jersey when he concluded his speech.