UK’s Cameron close to majority after election: exit poll

Voting has now closed in the UK’s general election…

…and an exit poll is showing Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives on track to win the most seats.

But the party will be just shy of an outright majority.

The poll says the Conservatives are set to win 316 seats and the opposition Labour Party — led by Ed Milliband — 239 seats.

Before the election, opinion polls had shown the two parties neck-and neck.

Nick Clegg’s centrist Liberal Democrats — who have governed in a coalition with Conservatives since 2010 — are poised to take just 10 seats.

But the results mean Cameron should be able to stay in office — possibly with the support of another small party.

The poll also gave 58 seats to the Scottish National Party …and 2 seats to the UK Independence Party…

…out of a total 650 at Westminster parliament.