UK’s Cameron greets party workers, heads for poll win

Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at his constituency vote count, and greets party workers, after an exit poll showed his Conservatives are on track to govern Britain for another five years.

WITNEY, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (MAY 8, 2015) (UK POOL) – British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives are set to govern Britain for another five years but fall just short of an outright majority, an exit poll showed, a result likely to trigger an in-out EU membership referendum.

Cameron arrived at his constituency’s vote counting centre where he is expected to very comfortably keep his seat.

The poll forecast the Conservatives would win 316 of 650 seats in the lower house of parliament and the main opposition Labor Party 239.

If accurate, that would be center-left Labor’s worst result in almost three decades and it faced being wiped out in its former Scottish stronghold.

While politicians from all sides expressed caution, early results from 37 seats also suggested Labor was attracting much lower levels of support than it had expected. Pollsters are not ruling out an overall Conservative majority.

A Cameron victory would mean Britain would be likely to face a historic in-out European Union referendum within two years and that Scots could soon be pressing for independence again, having lost a secession referendum just last year.