UK’s May criticises Trump retweet, urges support for Yemen and Iran nuke deal

AMMAN, JORDAN (NOVEMBER 30, 2017) (UK POOL) – British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday (November 30) that U.S. President Donald Trump was wrong to retweet a video from a far-right British group which she said was “hateful” and spreads division.

Trump sparked outrage in Britain with a sharp rebuke of May on Twitter after she criticised him for retweeting anti-Islam videos from the deputy leader of Britain First.

During a speech in Jordan’s capital, May also underlined Britain’s support for the nuclear deal concluded with Iran, which came into force in October 2015. Trump has previously called it the worst of its kind ever struck by a U.S. administration.

May also emphasised the need for commercial supplies to be resumed in Yemen to help the country’s deepening humanitarian crisis.