Celebrities give their views on the U.S. Presidential race

Celebrities from the worlds of film, TV and music give their opinions on the U.S. Presidential race, which is reaching its final conclusion.

BERLIN, GERMANY (FEBRUARY 11, 2016) (REUTERS) – Celebrities from across the worlds of TV, film mad music have been giving their opinions of the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Speaking in general about American politics in February, actor George Clooney was critical of some of Trump’s pronouncements about Muslims, but he expressed the belief Americans would ‘do the right thing’ at the polls.

“I think it was Winston Churchill said ‘you can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they have exhausted every other possibility’ so you know it’s all going to be fine it’s just going to take us a minute.”

Pop star Justin Timberlake refused to say who he was supporting, while promoting ‘Trolls’ in Cannes, but said he would be heading to the ballot box.

“I’m not gonna, I don’t think I am gonna use my sort of influence to tell people what to do but I am gonna vote you know,’ he told Reuters.

Rapper Pitbull was critical of Trump and suggested he was speaking ‘ from an ignorant standpoint’, adding ‘when you are up there and you are speaking from ignorant stand point… I’m not opposed to you – you are doing it to yourself. You see what I mean? People see this.”

Singer and actress Cher was perhaps most outspoken in her condemnation of Donald Trump, saying that ‘America means nothing to him’, adding: “Oh he’s brought down the process to a level that no one could have ever imagined. He has said things that are so base and so vile and so without respect for humanity.”

Veteran British film director Ken Loach said the U.S. presidential race had been ‘a shameful advert for the democracy of that country’.

American actor Matt Damon was critical of Trump’s policies, saying: “My wife just got her citizenship a few years ago. You know it’s very personal for us to hear that kind of rhetoric in a country that’s built by immigrants, you know what I mean. It’s crazy talk – and talking about putting up a wall like to keep my family out. So it’s definitely – it’s incredible to me that a major party is actually saying that thing, that type of thing with a straight face.”