Clinton calls FBI letter on emails “deeply troubling”

Clinton calls decision to by FBI Director Comey to notify Congress that it is looking into newly uncovered emails related to a closed inquiry into Clinton’s use of a private email server “deeply troubling” so close to an election.

(RESTRICTED POOL) – Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called a decision by the Director of the FBI James Comey to send a notification to Congress that it was looking again at Clinton’s use of private email servers as Secretary of State “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling” so close to an election.

“It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election,” Clinton told supporters at a rally in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The release has thrown a lifeline to her rival Republican nominee Donald Trump’s flagging campaign. Trump trails Clinton in most national polls.

Trump has seized upon the FBI’s inquiry into the newly uncovered batch of emails as a vindication for his characterization of Clinton as corrupt, and deserving of criminal prosecution.

Clinton went on the attack on Saturday, saying that Trump was “doing his best to confuse, mislead and discourage the American people.”

“I think it’s time for Donald Trump to stop fear mongering,” said Clinton.

Clinton and her advisors have urged Comey to make public the details of any new developments in the case.

Clinton struck a defiant tone in Florida, a key swing state in the November election.

“Everybody gets knocked down, what matters is whether you get back up,” she said.