Mexico City Museum of Cartoons puts on display exhibit of Donald Trump cartoons

Mexico City’s Museum of Cartoons gains new success with an exhibition satirising the U.S. Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (NOVEMBER 1, 2016) (REUTERS) – Mexico City’s Museum of Cartoons is seeking to capture its own greatness after opening a special exhibition satirising the U.S. Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

The exhibition displays 60 poster size cartoons of the Republican candidate dressed in Nazi garb and leaning over a brick wall, among other unflattering portrayals, by artists from Mexico, Latin America, Europe, the Unites States and China.

Some of the cartoons also depict Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto, who invited the controversial Trump to visit the country just as the fall general election campaign was getting underway.

In organising the exhibit, Mexican curator Arturo Kemch sent an email to colleagues around the world just two months ago and received over 1000 entries. The strongest response, he said, was from his home country, which has featured controversially time and time again in Trump’s campaign.

The real estate mogul’s accusations that Mexico sends rapists and drug runners to the United States, and his threats to build a border wall and tear up trade deals have been central to his campaign.

“I think Mexican caricaturists were the ones who felt most offended, so decided to go hard down the path of creativity. I think other Latin Americans were offended too on a lesser level, for logical reasons, and they also responded. This all has come from (Trump’s) behaviour and speeches, and the way in which he has offended us throughout his campaign. This gave us the structure for everything we can see here in this exhibition,” said Kemch.

The exhibition was originally planned to remain open until U.S. election day, November 8, but due to growing popularity will remain in place until the new year.

“These (posters) express the feeling of the Mexican people with regards to that negative man who has offended and humiliated us so much. We are very creative in Mexico and always manage to throw off the weight of this type of humiliation through humour, and I think this is shown very well here,” said visitor, Pedro Rosas.

With less than a week before U.S. voters head to the polls Democratic Candidate, Hilary Clinton remains the frontrunner, though Trump has gained significant headway following a new FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a personal email account.