Pence says no decision yet on moving White House press room

Vice President-elect Mike Pence responds to reports that the incoming Trump administration is thinking about moving the press out of the White House.

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES (CBS) – The incoming Trump administration has made no decision yet on whether to move the press room out of the White House, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said on Sunday (January 15).

Pence was responding to an exclusive report in Esquire magazine that said the new administration was considering removing the press corps from the White House. The report cited “three senior officials on the transition team.”

“The White House is actually 18 acres. I think what the team told me is that there is such a tremendous amount of interest in this incoming administration that they’re giving some amount of consideration to finding a larger venue on the 18 acres in the White House complex to accommodate the extraordinary interest,” Pence told “Face the Nation” on CBS. “The White House press room is a pretty small room and I think the interest of the team is to make sure we accommodate the broadest number of people who are interested from media around the country and around the world.”

President-elect Donald Trump, who spent much of his U.S. presidential campaign bashing the news media for what he called unfair coverage, enters the White House on Jan. 20.