Skid row votes on Election Day

The residents of Los Angeles’ skid row, the city’s predominantly homeless area, turn out to vote in the U.S. election.

(Reuters) – Residents of skid row, the area in downtown Los Angeles with a predominantly homeless population, took to the polls on Tuesday (November 8) to cast their vote on who they wanted to be the next US president.

The homeless population has risen over recent years with a reported 5.2 per cent increase since 2015. In the city of Los Angeles, the population is reported to be around 28,000.

At the Anne Douglas Center, voters started turning out from 7 a.m. (1500GMT) in the morning to vote for their choice of political candidate.

While skid row resident Robert Calhoun was voting for Hillary Clinton and branded Donald Trump “an idiot”, another resident, Cristina Carrera, voted for Trump saying, “I hope he will clean things up and definitely hashtag ‘Drain the Swamp’ because there’s so much corruption and so much bad politicking and the people that we have in government right now, especially here in California, they suck big time.”

Ray Robert Stout said that the choice at the election was “either socialist or fascist. Trump being the fascist and Hillary being the socialist so we get either one. I just think the socialist, the Canadian type of government is better than a fascist type of government.”

City leaders in Los Angeles have vowed to spend $1.85 billion over the next decade to house the homeless and provide better services for them.