Trump or Clinton? America decides

After a long, bitter U.S. presidential campaign, voters finally head to the polls on Tuesday to decide between Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. Linda So reports.

(RESTRICTED POOL / REUTERS) – Election Day in America has finally arrived.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton started her day in Chappaqua, New York… casting her ballot just after 8.

Supporters cheered as she walked out with husband Bill.


8:18:07 it’s the most humbling feeling

Her running mate, Tim Kaine was one of the first in line as polls opened in his home state of Virginia.

Republican nominee Donald Trump is due to cast his vote in New York City.

At long last, Americans are heading to the polls to pick their next president after a long, bitter campaign.

High voter turnout is expected across the country.

As could be seen with these long lines as polls opened in the battleground states of Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

States where the election is likely to be decided.

As the country anxiously waits to see who will occupy the White House next.