Trump: Obama’s envoys out by inauguration day

The president-elect is ordering all Obama politically appointed ambassadors to leave their post by inauguration day. Tara Joseph reports

Breaking with diplomatic protocol – Donald Trump style.

Reuters getting confirmation on Friday (January 6) that the incoming president is ordering all politically appointed U.S. ambassadors to leave their posts before his inauguration in just a couple of weeks, ending decades of tradition that’s seen top diplomats given a grace period to wind up their affairs.

Questions are now surfacing over what this could mean for diplomacy, with Washington potentially being left without top envoys in crucial countries like Britain, Germany and Canada for several months before before appointments are approved by the senate.

Trump has taken a tough stance against leaving any political staff appointed under Barack Obama in office as he prepares to take over and the move could be a major logistical headache for diplomats being ordered home – many of whom could now find themselves scrambling for visas and places to stay so that their children can finish the school year.