Trump praises protesters’ ‘passion’ after calling them ‘unfair’

President-elect Donald Trump calls protests that rocked Oakland and Portland “unfair”and alternately praises demonstrators “for their passion for our great country.”

INTERNET (NOVEMBER 11, 2016) (SOCIAL MEDIA) – U.S. president-elect Donald Trump responded to protests against his election victory in Oakland and Portland with two distinctly different tweets — in what could be a preview to the dilemma the he faces as he shifts from the seemingly unrestrained candidate who won the presidency into the new public face of the United States.

The businessman and reality television star vanquished a field of seasoned politicians with his scathing put-downs and taunts, and in the process attracted millions to the campaign who had grown tired of the controlled patter of most politicians.

A tweet from his account sent at 2119 EST (0119 GMT) called the protests “unfair” and accused the media of inciting violence and suggested those demonstrating were paid “professional protesters.”

Another tweet from his account that came nearly nine hours later, the tone was decidedly different.

“Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!,” the tweet read.

Demonstrators took to the streets across in Portland and Oakland voicing fears that the real estate mogul’s political triumph would deal a blow to civil rights.

The demonstrations continued into the early morning as Portland police arrested a handful of protesters and used pepper spray and rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse the crowd, the department said on Twitter.

Hundreds of protesters in Oakland, California walked the streets and made it onto Interstate 580, bringing traffic to a standstill.