West Virginia mayor out after “ape in heels” comment

The mayor of a tiny West Virginia town has resigned amid outrage over her comment on social media describing first lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels”. Linda So reports.

(CBS / REUTERS) – This is the Facebook post that started it all.

An official from Clay County, West Virginia calling first lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” following Donald Trump’s election victory last week.

The mayor’s response causing just as much controversy when she replied quote “Just made my day Pam.”

The posts have since been deleted.

And the town’s mayor Beverly Whaling has resigned.

Town council members met Tuesday night to accept her resignation and reassure the community that the comments do not reflect the views of everyone in Clay.


“We are decent people and as Jason said we are God loving people and I don’t know what the idea was behind all of this. Maybe none, but it is terrible.”

Some people drove hundreds of miles to attend the meeting.


“You know coming here and showing my support and absolutely stating that I refuse to tolerate any type of hateful rhetoric was that important to me.”

Pamela Taylor, the county worker who made the comment has been removed from her position as the director of the county development corporation.

Town leaders say they plan to appoint a new mayor as soon as possible.