The world reacts to Trump victory

World leaders and citizens react to the announcement of a Donald Trump victory as president elect of the United States. Julie Noce reports.

(Reuters) – From congratulatory to fearful, world leaders and citizens in countries across the planet express wide ranging opinions on news that Donald Trump has been voted as the new U.S. president elect.

In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he’s looking forward to working with Trump on many global issues.

In Moscow, President Vladimir Putin sent Trump a congratulatory note saying he hoped they could get the U.S.-Russia relationship out of crisis, while citizens there welcomed the news with open arms.

“I think Trump is better than Hillary,” this person said. “Why? Because his attitude towards Russia is more loyal than Hillary’s.”

Throughout his campaign, Trump pledged to take the U.S. on a more isolationist, “America First” path.

His positions raise the possibility of damaging relations with America’s most trusted allies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

In Iran, newspaper headlines acknowledge a ‘day of shock and doubt’ for Americans’ and talk of ‘America after Obama’.

Although Trump vowed to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal, professors at Tehran University aren’t worried.


“Trump has so much trouble both at home and abroad, because almost all of America’s traditional allies were supporting Clinton. So he will have enough trouble as it is without escalating tension with Iran, and that is an advantage for Iran.”

And in Berlin, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Defense Minister described the news as a huge shock, citizens were equally as dismayed.

How will he face world leaders? this person said. That’ll be a tricky situation. I don’t know how things will be domestically. The country is now broken!

While Hillary chose not to address her supporters before conceding to Trump, she is expected to speak later Wednesday morning.