Mugabe is gone but his repressive system remains, activist

HARARE, ZIMBABWE (NOVEMBER 22, 2017) (REUTERS) – Zimbabwean activist Patson Dzamara said on Wednesday (November 22) said he is relieved that Robert Mugabe resigned as president after close to four decades in power, but said the “Mugabe system” remains.

His brother, activist and journalist, Itai Dzamara disappeared two years ago – bundled into an unmarked truck by unidentified men as he went out for a hair cut.

Itai and a handful of colleagues had been demanding for the resignation of Mugabe on the grounds that he had mismanaged the economy.

Days after he went missing, rights groups as well as the United States and the European Union urged Zimbabwean authorities to investigate the disappearance.

Dzamara’s family accused the government of ordering his abduction. State officials denied the accusations and said they were looking for him.

Patson Dzamara said this is only the beginning and that a complete reform of Zimbabwe’s government will be the ultimate sign of freedom. He also says he will continue to look for answers on what happened to his brother.