Zimbabwe’s Mugabe brushes off ill health rumours

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe rejects rumours that he was gravely ill and tells anti-goverment protesters “enough is enough”. Yiming Woo reports.

(BVO,NVO) – Supporters of Robert Mugabe cheer as the Zimbabwean President arrives home from abroad.

He brushed off rumours that he was gravely ill and that he was rushed to Dubai for medical treatment.

The 92-year-old says he was there on a family matter.

He’s also warning he’ll put a stop to recent anti-government protests over an economic meltdown widely blamed on his government.

“We can’t allow them to continue on these violent demonstrations unimpeded. No – enough is enough.”

Mugabe blames Western countries, including the United States, for sabotaging his policies and funding the protests.

Divisions have emerged inside his party as senior officials jostle for position to be his eventual successor.