Rabbit killed on air during Danish radio show to start debate about animal welfare

Danish radio station defends killing baby rabbit live on air saying they did it to expose the hypocrisy of animal lovers.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (MAY 25, 2015) (RADIO24SYV) – A Danish radio station is defending a show during which the host killed a baby rabbit by hitting it with a bicycle pump, live on the air, saying it was intended to show the hypocrisy of animal lovers.

The host, Asger Juhl, killed the rabbit, called Allan, “according to careful instructions by a professional animal caretaker from a Danish zoo”, station Radio24syv said on Tuesday (May 26).

He later took the rabbit home, skinned it and cooked it.

During the broadcast, the station provided details of the livestock industry in Denmark. It said Danes’ concern for animal welfare did not extend to the way animals are killed for their dining room tables.

Monday’s (May 25) show caused a storm on social media, with many Danes outraged. Some called the radio show “sick”, while another post said it was worrying how people were more concerned about the rabbit than the “thousands of refugees on the Mediterranean Sea.”

The incident is the latest to whip up outrage over Danish treatment of animals. Similar outbursts followed Copenhagen Zoo’s decision last year to kill and publicly dissect a giraffe and, a few weeks later, kill four healthy lions to renew its breeding.