Remembering of 130 Paris attack victims

France holds an official commemoration ceremony to pay tribute to the 130 victims of the Paris attacks at the vast military courtyard of Les Invalides. Jillian Kitchener reports.

ECPAD, REUTERS – The emotional wounds are still fresh for many… just two weeks after Islamist gunmen and suicide bombers launched attacks on Paris.

Arriving at the Paris military museum, political leaders joined survivors and relatives of the dead in a somber ceremony, where the 130 names were read out one by one. The majority of victims were under the age of 35, enjoying nightlife when tragedy struck.

But the simple pleasures must continue, says President Francois Hollande who launched into a defiant speech.


“…I solemnly promise that France will put everything into place to destroy the army of fanatics which committed these crimes (PAN OVER CEREMONY) It will fight relentlessly to protect her children”

Outside the courtyard, Parisians came together in unity.

They say it could have been them in Paris that night… but say, they’re not scared.

France has since stepped up it’s airstrikes in Syria, hoping to defeat Islamic State militants, who claimed responsibility for the attacks.