Revellers enjoy last day of London carnival

Revellers at London’s Notting Hill Carnival enjoyed a second day of festivities on Monday as the sun came out for the last day of Europe’s biggest street party. Ciara Lee reports.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (BBC) – Europe’s biggest street party.

London’s Notting Hill carnival now in its 51st year

And host to hundreds of thousands of revellers.


“I was here last year and my sister and my Mum flew in on Thursday so I said you have to experience it, it’s amazing. Australia needs something like this.”

But the carnival fell silent this year.

To remember the more than 80 people killed in the nearby Grenfell Tower fire in June.

Thousands of people dressed up in colourful costumes, most notably in green to pay tribute to the victims.


“Today’s a gorgeous day. And obviously I’m taking part wearing green for the Grenfell people, but you know, even down to my shorts! They’re green as well.”

Some feared that tempers could boil over at the festival over accusations of mismanagement by the local authorities.

But the local community was determined it should be a peaceful vigil.

Security was also tight in light of recent attacks on pedestrians.

Steel barriers and concrete blocks were put in place along the parade’s path.