Tensions high by Roszke camp as crowds of migrants push against police

Crowds of migrants pushed up against police near Roszke as numbers swell the camp.

NEAR ROSZKE, HUNGARY (SEPTEMBER 7, 2015) (REUTERS) – Tensions were high at the collection point from the camp in Roszke, Hungary on Monday (September 7) as crowds of migrants sought to get through police lines and onto buses.

Police let the migrants through in small numbers from the overcrowded camp near the Serbian border, from which many are seeking to carry on their journeys towards western Europe.

As pressure in the crowd increased one small boy appeared to have passed out and was being revived with water.

Police have dubbed the Roszke camp an “Alien Holding Centre” and said it contained 100 large, green heated tents for 1,000 people. It was opened at the weekend and located near another, older camp where migrants have revolted in recent days, breaking through wooden barriers and fleeing for the nearby motorway.