The world’s second tallest building opens for previews in Shanghai

The world’s second tallest building opens its doors for a preview in Shanghai ahead of its completion due later in this year.

SHANGHAI, CHINA (15 MAY, 2015) (REUTERS) – The Shanghai Tower, set to be the world’s second tallest building when it’s completed in the summer, opened it’s doors for a preview on Friday (May 15).

The 120 floors of the 632 metre (2,073 ft) structure will make the building the tallest in China, but bringing it just under 200 metres lower than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

That however is something the tower’s chief architect, Marshall Strabala, said could in fact be a blessing in disguise – as it meant China would avoid the “world’s tallest building” curse.

“So when Sears Tower was built there was a recession when the Petronas Towers were built there was a recession. When the Burj Khalifa was built there was a recession. This is not the world’s tallest building so there’s no recession. So that’s the world’s tallest building curse it’s not the skyscraper curse. So it’s actually better to be number two than number one,” he said.

Strabala said he was confident that the building would be a commercial success and not stand empty once it was completed.

“I think one of the most profitable skyscrapers in the world is the Empire State Building. But for the first ten years it didn’t make any money because it was opening during a recession. I think that goes back to the skyscraper – world’s tallest building curse. There was a recession right after that. But now it’s one of the most successfully rented buildings in the world, because it’s iconic. People know it. And people want to be in it,” he added.

Many of those touring the building expressed pride in the design.

“I feel somewhat proud. After all, our country is developing fast. We have more and more well-known buildings. Shanghai is one of the centres of our country. As a Shanghaiese, I feel proud it was built in Shanghai,” said construction vocational school teacher Luo Yujie.

The Shanghai Tower is set to house mainly financial institutions and government agencies, according to Gensler, the architecture firm behind the project.