Two dead after restaurant shooting in Sweden

At least two people are killed and eight injured after gunmen with automatic weapons fire inside a restaurant in what police say is likely to be a gang-related incident.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN (MARCH 19, 2015) (TV4) – At least two people were killed in a restaurant shooting in the Swedish city of Gothenburg on Wednesday (March 18) in what police say was likely to be a gang-related attack.

Police said there was no indication that the shooting was terror-related, adding that the death toll was likely to rise.

According to the local hospital, eight men are being treated for gunshot wounds. Three of the men are seriously injured, one with life threatening injuries.

A police spokeswoman said the area on Hisingen, an island off Gothenburg, had seen a lot of gang violence and that was a likely explanation for the shooting.

She said the police had a targeted operation in the area because of gang crime and that there had been shootings in the past.

According to local media, the suspects drove away and police are now looking for them. They have secured evidence at the restaurant and are currently interviewing several people.