Update: Machete-wielding New Orleans airport attacker dies

(Next Media Online) – The machete-wielding man shot by a police officer after he attacked security staff at New Orleans Airport on Friday has died.

The man, identified as 63-year-old Richard White, was in possession of molotov cocktails and had tanks of oxygen acetylene and refrigeration gas in the trunk of his car, police have learned. Officials say White also had a history of mental illness, Reuters reports.

The report continues, “White sprayed the Transportation Security Administration agents at about 8 p.m. on Friday at a security checkpoint at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

“A TSA agent threw a bag at White and slowed him down. White then brandished a machete and chased an unarmed TSA agent, until he was shot three times by a sheriff’s officer.

“During the attack White dropped a bag containing a lighter and six glass jars with cloth wicks in gasoline, commonly known as a molotov cocktails, Normand said.

“Officials found tanks of acetylene, freon and oxygen in White’s car at the airport, but do not know what their purpose was.

“White, who lived near the airport and had worked as a taxi driver, refused some types of medical attention because of religious beliefs, officials said.”


Reuters, NOLA