Camera captures moment when police find missing child

A body camera on a police officer captures the moment when a missing 3-year-old girl is found in New Mexico.

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA (JANUARY 3, 2016) (ALBUGQUERQUE POLICE) – A policeman’s lapel camera captured the moment when a missing girl was found on Sunday evening (January 3).

The video shows officer Chris Poccia driving around in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and pulling up in a parking lot after finding the abandoned girl.

He takes the freezing girl in his arms and comforts her before handing her over to his colleagues as they discuss the situation.

The little girl was identified as Caraline Leon Alcocar by the police and had been missing since Saturday (January 2).

Police had issued an amber alert and released several pictures of the girl online and to the public in general.

Albuquerque Police said that the girl was taken when a man stole Caraline’s mother’s car.

Video: Cop’s body cam captures finding missing 3-year-old