Devon jeweller fights off masked man in attempted robbery

Footage released by Devon police shows a jeweller fighting off a masked gunman with a baseball bat during an attempted robbery.

BARNSTAPLE, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (RECENT – MAY 28, 2015) (DEVON AND CORNWALL POLICE) – Devon and Cornwall Police released CCTV footage on Tuesday (June 9) showing a jeweller fighting off a masked man who tried to rob his store on May 28 in the southern English town of Barnstaple.

In the footage a man wearing a bald headed mask and a khaki trench coat, was seen entering the store and placing a bag on the counter.

He was then seen reaching to his pocket before the jeweller grabbed a baseball bat, hit him and chased him out of the shop.

The footage appeared to show the man holding a gun. Police said shots were fired but they were believed to have been blanks.

According to Devon and Cornwall Police, no goods were stolen during the incident, which occurred at 15:35 local in a busy area of the small town, and the employee who confronted the offender was not injured.

Police said such an incident was not a frequent occurrence in the area and that the masked man may well have injured his head and upper body.

Police were still searching for the man on Wednesday (June 10) and were appealing for witnesses, police said.