Huge vortex develops in Lake Texoma

A giant vortex develops near a dam in Lake Texoma on the border between Oklahoma and Texas.

DENISON DAM, LAKE TEXOMA, UNITED STATES (EDWARD JOHNSON, TULSA DISTRICT U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS) – A huge vortex formed in waters entering a dam in Lake Texoma, on the border between Texas and Oklahoma at the beginning of June, a video posted to a social media website showed.

In the video, the vortex, a mass of whirling water, was seen developing in one the largest artificial lakes in the United States, after floodings hit the area.

Edward Johnson, who was able to capture the moment on camera, said the vortex, which measured approximately eight feet (2.45 metres) in width, was capable of sucking in a full-sized boat.

Johnson said the lake is used to control floods, generate hydroelectric power and regulate river flows.