Massachusetts performer lands in trousers during double backflip

An athlete in Massachusetts performs a double backflip and lands in a pair of trousers.

WESTWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES (JUNE 1, 2015) (RAYMOND BUTLER) – A video posted to a social media website on Friday (June 5) showed self-taught acrobat Raymond Butler performing a double backflip at a sports academy in Westwood, Massachusetts before landing in a pair of trousers held open by two friends.

The performer was seen running towards the trousers and spinning in the air before sliding into the item of clothing and landing safely on the ground.

Butler said he had previously performed a single backflip into a pair of trousers for the Guinness World Records, successfully breaking the world record at a distance of six feet, 11 inches (2 metres).

Butler said it took him approximately a year of training to complete the double backflip, which he successfully performed last week, with the support of friends and fellow athletes.