Mayor of Mexican fishing town ‘marries’ crocodile

The mayor of a Mexican fishing village marries crocodile – dressed in white gown – in hopes of favourable climactic conditions, bountiful water and crops.

SAN PEDRO HUAMELULA, OAXACA, MEXICO (JUNE 30, 2015) (REUTERS) – The mayor of the southern Mexican fishing town San Pedro Huamelula ‘married’ a crocodile in a symbolic ceremony on Tuesday (June 30), a key element of a local harvest tradition.

It is a ritual which has been practised by the Chontal Indians since 1789 to bring plenty of harvest as well as fish, shrimp and other seafood to the fishermen of this village along the Pacific coast of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca state.

“It is to ask, from the heart to our Lord, to make this year one of a lot of harvest, so that we don’t lack everything to do with nature, such as corn, with regards to water, fish, chacal (type of fish). The main source of food for people in our community,” said the “godfather” of the crocodile, Gulenio Gonzalez.

Part of the ritual is to baptize the reptile who, this time, was given the name Maria Isabel.

Before the ceremony, the wedding party walked with the crocodile bride through the town accompanied by band music.

After the procession, the reptile was married to the town mayor Joel Vasquez Rojas in the town hall.

Vasquez Rojas then danced with the crocodile in his arms during a party packed with the town’s residents. He said he was happy to be part of such traditions.

“Indigenous people have great faith and many beliefs, many myths, especially, a lot of mysticism. To be part of that pact between animals, humans, the environment, represented today with the celebration of this marriage with the authorities, is a privilege that not everyone can have, I feel very lucky,” Vazquez Rojas said.

During the procession, prior to the wedding, inhabitants in every house are expected to dance with the crocodile.

According to custom, the crocodile is regarded as a princess. The Chontal Indians hope that the ceremony will bring peace and prosperity to their community.