Small bird’s egg hatches in man’s hand

Video captures the moment the egg of a blue tit hatches in the hands of a professor currently studying the bird species.

OJA, GOTLAND ISLAND, SWEDEN (SZYMON DROBNIAK, JAGIELLONIAN UNIVERSITY/CENTRUM NAUKI KOPERNIK) – A professor at the Polish Jagiellonian University captured the moment a tiny bird hatched from its egg in his hands on Gotland Island in Sweden last May.

The video showed the blue tit chick slowly emerging from the egg placed in the professor’s hand and attempting to detach itself from the shell.

Szymon Drobniak is part of a group of professors who, in collaboration with Uppsala University in Sweden, have been examining the birds since 2002.

Every year the study pairs a group of roughly 200 blue tits on Gotland Island to study the animals’ mating habits. Research is currently focusing on the reasons behind females reproducing with several males, and the effects of testosterone and stress hormones on chicks.

After their birth, the chicks are reared in incubators by the researchers to keep track of the families’ offspring.

A blue tit’s life expectancy is on average between two to three years, though in some instances the animal has reached the age of seven.