Ron Clark and students at Ron Clark Academy

Teacher performs dance with school children, video goes viral

Co-founder and mathematics teacher at The Ron Clark Academy, Ron Clark, performs hip hop dance with his students and the video goes viral.

GEORGIA, ATLANTA, UNITED STATES (JANUARY 3, 2016) (THE RON CLARK ACADEMY) – A Georgia school co-founder and mathematics teacher Ron Clark became a viral sensation on Sunday (January 3) when he performed a hip hop dance routine with his students.

Ron Clark, from The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, performed the dance as part of a social media challenge, with students from the seventh and eighth grades.

People worldwide have been creating their own dance moves to the song “Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me” by hip hop artist DLOW, using the hashtag #DoItLikeMeChallenge.

Clark told Reuters teachers at the school often do such activities with the children, hoping to show them they care about their culture and interests.

“If we don’t, we’re going to lose this generation,” he said.

Teachers rap in lessons, dress in costumes, tutor in students’ homes and generally try to bring learning to life, he added.

Since Clark posted the video on Facebook on Sunday it has been views more than 3.2 million times.

Various news outlets across the world have also reported on the video.

Clark is a Global Teacher Prize United States finalist for 2016 and was named Disney’s American Teacher of the Year in 2000.

He was the subject of the feature film “The Ron Clark Story” in 2006 which starred “Friends” actor Matthew Perry.

The Ron Clark Academy is a non-profit middle school with a reputation for what its website describes as “academic rigour, passion, and creativity balanced by a strict code of discipline”.

It is renowned for teaching children from varying backgrounds.