Briton says boy from IS video is his grandson, says daughter is in Syria

London-based grandfather Sunday Dare says he recognises boy in an Islamic State video as his grandson, says his daughter in Syria has ‘let herself down’.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (JANUARY 4, 2016) (ITN) – A grandfather from London has told media that he recognises the boy seen in an Islamic State video as his grandson.

Speaking to journalists on Monday (January 4), Sunday Dare told reporters that Islamic State were using the small boy for propaganda, and said he was sure that the boy was his grandson.

The video, showing a young boy in military fatigues and an older masked militant who both spoke with British accents, was described as “desperate” propaganda by British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday.

The video also shows the killing of five men accused of spying for Britain. It could not be independently verified.

Sunday Dare is the father of Grace Dare, a woman from London who left Britain to join Islamic State and marry a militant.

He said that his daughter should return home and ‘face the music’.

“…she has brought shame to my family and to myself,” he said.

Dare said he was sure that the boy was his grandson, Grace Dare’s son, because he knows him very well.

“He’s my grandson, I can’t disown him,” he added.

Cameron’s spokeswoman said Britain was examining the video and the prime minister was being kept updated. She was not aware whether Cameron himself had watched it.

“It serves as a reminder of the barbarity of Daesh and what the world faces with these terrorists. It is also clearly a propaganda tool and should be treated as such,” the spokeswoman said, referring to Islamic State by one of its Arabic acronyms.

In November, British officials said that up to 800 Britons had travelled to Iraq and Syria, some to join Islamic State. About 50 percent had returned home while about 70 were believed to have been killed.