File of Palmyra – as IS militants re-enter the ancient city

File of the recent history of the ancient city of Palmyra, home to Islamic State until Syrian government forces retook the ruined area in March.

PALMYRA, SYRIA (SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE) – The ancient city of Palmyra, destroyed by Islamic State was retaken by Syrian government forces in March 2016 after fierce battles.

A few months later and concerts were held in the ancient theatre with the dramatic backdrop of still intact impressive columns.

Under Islamic State control, the theatre was used as a site for executions by the jihadis.

Islamic State militants again entered the ancient city on Saturday (December 10) after advancing to its outskirts for the first time since losing the city earlier this year, a war monitor said.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the militants had entered Palmyra after they had taken strategic heights near the city and captured the northern part of the city and mountains around it.

The Syrian army earlier said it had sent reinforcements to Palmyra, to help the army defend the city in what some rebels said were coming from Aleppo and forcing the Syrian government to divert troops from the city where the army and Iranian backed militias were on the verge of a major victory against rebels.