France must wage total war, former president Sarkozy says

Former President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy says France must wage a total war and reinforce security measures.

PARIS, FRANCE (NOVEMBER 14, 2015) (LES REPUBLICAINS) – Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy call for a “total” war after 127 died in a coordinated assault by gunmen and bombers in several Paris locations.

Sarkozy’s conservative party “Les Republicains” were set to hold a political meeting, but cancelled it after the news of the attacks and held a minute’s silence for the victims.

“The war we have to wage must be total. Our duty is to take into account the extreme seriousness of the situation and to draw all consequences in terms of action from it. Nothing can be as it used to be,” Sarkozy said in a short statement.

“Beyond the necessary state of emergency and border controls, we will support any decisions that will go in the direction of a drastic strengthening of security measures allowing [us] to protect our fellow citizens’ lives,” he added.

Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attacks.