How the UK carried out its first drone execution of British citizens abroad

UK (Next Media) – The UK killed two British citizens fighting with ISIS in Syria in a drone strike last month, the first time Britain’s prime minister has authorized the killing of British citizens in a drone strike abroad.

The drone strike was carried out on August 21, after a British Rivet Joint spy plane managed to locate Cardiff-born ISIS militant Reyaad Khan outside Raqqa, Syria, the Telegraph reported.

Inside a hangar at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire, pilots were remotely controlling Reaper drones, which were operating in the area from a base in Kuwait.

As Khan was travelling in a vehicle, pilots remotely fired a Hellfire missile that struck the vehicle, killing Khan, fellow British jihadist Ruhul Amin, and a third militant.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Khan was a “direct threat to the UK” who had directed and planned terrorist attacks in Britain.

SOURCES: The Telegraph