UK protesters march against possible Syria strikes

Thousands protest in London against the prospect of British air strikes in Syria after Prime Minister David Cameron calls for lawmakers to back military intervention against Islamic State. Jillian Kitchener reports.

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They say they’re against any extension of British military action into Syria…. and directly oppose Prime Minister David Cameron on this issue, who’s been seeking parliamentary support for air strikes against Islamic State.

Lindsey German is the chair of “Stop the War Coalition” which organized this “Day of Action”.


“At the moment, Syria is being bombed by the two biggest military powers in the world. The United States and Russia. So there is no case for it actually solving the problem. ISIS is as strong as it was before the bombing started.”

Syrian forces on the ground are battling militants in a struggle for territory.

David Cameron says more air strikes WILL help to defeat Islamic State and at the same time protect British citizens.

He stressed this point after a meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government in Malta:


“…We shouldn’t be outsourcing the protection of our own people to our allies. We should be part of it.”

The Labour Party is deeply split over this issue — some labor lawmakers side with protesters.

But Cameron has said he will only call a vote on airstrikes in Syria IF he is sure of winning enough support in parliament.