Yarmouk in ruins

SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE, (REUTERS) – Broken and barren streets in the Yarmouk refugee camp just outside Damascus.

Amateur video, which can not be independently verified by Reuters, appears to show empty streets of the largely Palestinian enclave.

It’s been at the center of a fight between Islamic State and rival insurgents.

The Syrian army now surrounds the district, which is only a few kilometers from President Bashar al-Assad’s palace.

Those who can, have fled. Some finding shelter in Damascus.


“We heard that they were breaking walls and there were clashes. We did not know anything. People said Islamic State is killing women and children. When the Syrian army entered, they moved us all to another venue where we are safe. They secured a road for us to get out of the camp.”

The Yarmouk refugee camp, the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, was established in 1950s with more than 130,000 officially registered refugees. It’s no longer any kind of refuge having become one of the most dangerous places in war-engulfed Syria.