Yemen violence causing increase in malnutrition – hospital

A hospital in Yemen’s Hodeidah — where a prison was recently hit by a deadly airstrike — says that malnutrition is also on the rise due the country’s ongoing conflict.

HODEIDAH, YEMEN (NOVEMBER 1, 2016) (REUTERS) – Yemen’s Hodeidah hospital has over the past year received 681 malnutrition cases — 85 of whom have died — the hospital’s chief nurse said on Tuesday (November 1).

“Lately there have been many cases of malnutrition due to the aggression and siege and as a result of the lack of material and financial means to attend to the patients,” chief nurse Abdo Abeid said.

The coastal city of Hodeidah, one of Yemen’s most populous, has been faced with malnutrition, poverty and starvation since war broke out in the country, where a Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthi movement since March 2015.

Late on Saturday (October 29) a prison in Hodeidah holding 84 inmates was struck by the Arab coalition three times, according to the province’s deputy governor. Medical sources said 60 people were killed in the raid.