Devon and Cornwall

Jan. 29, 2024 /Lifestyle/ — While Devon and Cornwall share a beautiful landscape and rich history, there’s certainly a lighthearted “battle” over cream and jam on scones. Here’s how to explain the “dilemma”:

The Cream Wars:

  • Devon’s claim: Clotted cream, thick and golden, goes on first, creating a luxurious base for the jam – usually strawberry. This order allows the clotted cream’s unique texture and subtle sweetness to shine.
  • Cornwall’s claim: Jam, typically strawberry or raspberry, goes on first, preventing the clotted cream from soaking into the scone and ensuring every bite gets a fruity burst. The cream then follows, adding richness and smooth creaminess.

The Origins:

  • Devon: Clotted cream originated in Devon, traditionally made by warming milk from Guernsey cows over a simmering stove. They argue their order preserves the unique taste and texture of their regional specialty.
  • Cornwall: Cornwall has a strong historical identity separate from Devon, and some see the jam-first order as a subtle expression of that difference. Additionally, some claim the jam acts as a barrier to prevent the cream from making the scone soggy.

Beyond the Bickering:

  • Shared Scone Love: Despite the playful rivalry, both regions take pride in their scones and cream teas. Local bakeries and cafes proudly display their preferred order, while visitors often choose both ways to experience the full flavor spectrum.
  • Humor and Tradition: The clotted cream vs. jam debate is all in good fun, adding a layer of friendly competition to the shared cultural heritage of Devon and Cornwall.

Explaining the Dilemma:

  • Embrace the Fun: When explaining the “dilemma,” frame it as a playful debate with no definitive answer. Encourage people to try both orders and see which they prefer.
  • Highlight the Local Pride: Mention the historical and cultural background behind each region’s claim, showcasing the importance of local traditions.
  • Focus on the Shared Love: Ultimately, emphasize the shared love for delicious scones, clotted cream, and jam that unites Devon and Cornwall.

Remember, the “dilemma” is mostly lighthearted, and both regions offer incredible food and hospitality. So, enjoy the debate, explore both orders, and revel in the deliciousness of a proper cream tea, no matter which “side” you choose!