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Starlizard Integrity Services identifies 79 suspicious football matches played globally in first half of 2023

New data from sports betting integrity specialists Starlizard Integrity Services (SIS) has identified 79 football matches played around the world between 1 January and 30 June 2023 as “suspicious”. Of these, 28 (35%) took place in just three countries, with one of those countries accounting for 12 integrity alerts (15%). Continue reading


EBET Anticipates England vs. France to be Company’s Largest Wagered-On Soccer Game

EBET, Inc. (Nasdaq: EBET), a leading global provider of advanced wagering products and technology, announced today that it expects the World Cup quarterfinal between England and France to be the company’s largest wagered-on soccer game to date. EBET’s main brands Karamba and BetTarget are anticipating high volumes of wagering for Saturday’s match, with a large percentage of their customer base from England. Customers can wager on more than 30 bets. France is the slight favorite. Continue reading