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NewSound Hearing Aid Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Yes, it appears that NewSound Hearing Aids celebrated a significant milestone recently. The press release you shared details a special anniversary event they held to commemorate two decades of business. The event included the opening of a new showroom, a seminar on hearing tech advancements, and a celebratory banquet. It sounds like they’ve been around for a while and are committed to innovation in the hearing aid industry.

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Love Island’s Tasha is the show’s first deaf contestant – here’s what you should know about deaf accents

Kate Rowley, UCL

I sat down to watch the first episode of this year’s Love Island with my daughter as I was told that there was a deaf contestant appearing on the show. I don’t usually watch Love Island, but as a deaf person I was intrigued to find out more about how this contestant, Tasha Ghouri, would handle being the only deaf person on the show.

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