Dominic Raab resigns in wake of bullying report

April 21, 2023 /Politics/ – Dominic Raab, the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, resigned on 21 April 2023 in the wake of a report that found he had bullied civil servants. The report, which was commissioned by the government, found that Raab had created a “toxic” and “intimidating” work environment.

Raab has denied the allegations of bullying, but he said he was resigning in order to “focus on my legal work”. He said that he would be “devoting all my time to getting on with my job as a barrister”.

Raab’s resignation is a major blow to the government. He is a senior figure in the Conservative Party and he was seen as a potential future leader. His resignation will increase the pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is already facing calls to resign over a number of scandals.

The report into Raab’s conduct was highly critical. It found that he had “created a culture of fear” in his department and that he had “bullied and belittled” his staff. The report also found that Raab had “failed to take responsibility” for his actions and that he had “shown no remorse”.

Raab’s resignation is a significant development in the UK’s political landscape. It is a sign of the growing discontent with the government and it is a reminder that even the most powerful politicians are not immune from scrutiny.