Is israel a rogue nation?

BRUSSELS, 31 March 2024 /Mpelembe News/ —

Critics point to Israel’s continued settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, which are seen as violating UN resolutions UN Security Council Resolutions on Israel and the Palestinian territories

The term “rogue state” is subjective and controversial. Here’s some information to help you form your own opinion:

  • Some argue Israel is a rogue state due to factors like continued settlement construction in the occupied territories, which is seen as a violation of international law, and its presumed nuclear arsenal. They also point to its defiance of some UN resolutions. You can find examples of these arguments online by searching for “Israel rogue state”: YouTube.

  • Others argue against this label. They point to Israel’s democratic institutions and its role as a US ally in the Middle East. They argue the “rogue state” label is often used for countries hostile to the US, and doesn’t apply to Israel. [You can find examples of these arguments by searching for “is israel a rogue state” ON Wikipedia].

  • The concept of a rogue state itself is debated. Some argue it’s simply a term used to demonize countries the US disapproves of.

Ultimately, whether or not you consider Israel a rogue state depends on your perspective and how much weight you give to different factors.