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Coming Soon: Global Renewable Energy Summit 2024 Gathering of World Partners

Sungrow, a global leader in PV inverter and energy storage system provider, is excited to announce the Global Renewable Energy Summit 2024 (GRES), set to take place on June 11th in Hefei, China. This grand event will bring together industry experts, researchers, and partners from around the world to discuss the theme, “Exploring a Zero-Carbon Path with Sungrow,” emphasizing high-quality development in the global renewable energy industry. Read more


TOP 10 Trends in Clean Energy Technology in 2024 – S&P Global Commodity Insights

S&P Global Commodity Insights, the leading independent provider of information, analysis, data and benchmark prices for the commodities, energy and energy transition markets, has issued its latest report on the Top 10 Trends in Clean Energy Technology in 2024. Continue reading


How can governments and businesses weigh up the real ecological and social costs against the pursuit of net zero goals?

April 17, 2023 /Economy/ — The global energy transition is a complex and challenging process, with many trade-offs to consider. On the one hand, we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in order to mitigate climate change. On the other hand, we need to ensure that the transition is fair and equitable, and that it does not lead to environmental or social problems.
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Four ways to reduce your household energy use – proven by research

Aurore Julien, UCL

A particularly cold September has given us a glimpse of the winter to come. The cold will bite hardest for the 13% of England’s households that are already in fuel poverty. As the energy crisis intensifies, this is expected to rise further.

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