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When what you type doesn’t mean the same thing to the (older) person you’re texting or tweeting

Daniel Bürkle, University of Central Lancashire

On a day-to-day level, the way we interact with the people around us is shaped by our expectations, which are rooted in our experience. Most adults experience more regular and intensive contact with adults of roughly the same age as them. It is no surprise then – as a cursory glance at any multigenerational Twitter row over the past decade clearly demonstrates – that our expectations tend to be skewed towards how our own age group expresses themselves.

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Why Wellcome closed its Medicine Man exhibition – and others should follow suit

Anaïs Walsdorf, University of Warwick

In November the Wellcome Collection closed their Medicine Man gallery. In a Twitter thread, they acknowledged that “the display still perpetuates a version of medical history that is based on racist, sexist and ableist theories and language.”

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Big Tech and the right to know

Ilaria Fevola
Published: September 28, 2022

Ilaria Fevola is ARTICLE 19’s legal officer focused on transparency.

Today, Sept. 28, is the International Day for Universal Access to Information, that recognises the importance for every individual to be able to access information held by public institutions. Traditionally, it has been an opportunity to examine whether countries have adopted a law on access to information and if, in practice, public bodies adhere to their transparency obligations. Continue reading