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How to build an AI assistant using Flutter and vertex AI

Sat, Dec 2 2023 /Developers/ — Building an AI assistant using Flutter and Vertex AI involves creating a mobile app that interacts with a backend AI service. The mobile app can be developed using Flutter, a cross-platform UI toolkit for creating native mobile apps with a single codebase. Vertex AI, Google’s unified AI platform, can be used to build, deploy, and manage the backend AI service. Continue reading


Big Tech and the right to know

Ilaria Fevola
Published: September 28, 2022

Ilaria Fevola is ARTICLE 19’s legal officer focused on transparency.

Today, Sept. 28, is the International Day for Universal Access to Information, that recognises the importance for every individual to be able to access information held by public institutions. Traditionally, it has been an opportunity to examine whether countries have adopted a law on access to information and if, in practice, public bodies adhere to their transparency obligations. Continue reading