Vionde app for 80s music collectors.

It is possible that YouTube will offer links to physical formats for streaming accounts in the future. This would be a way for collectors to purchase the physical copies of the music they love, while still being able to stream it on YouTube. It would also be a way for YouTube to generate more revenue from its streaming service.

The app idea is viable. There is a market for collectors who want to purchase physical copies of music. Your app could help them find the music they are looking for and purchase it from a reputable source. You could also generate revenue by selling advertising on your app.

Here are some things to consider when developing your app:

Make sure your app is easy to use and navigate.
Offer a wide variety of music to choose from.
Partner with reputable retailers to sell physical copies of music.
Generate revenue through advertising or other means.
With careful planning and execution, your app could be a success.

Here are some additional thoughts on the viability of your app idea:

The market for physical music is still strong, especially for collectors of 80s music.
There are a number of online retailers that sell physical music, but they can be difficult to navigate and compare prices.
Your app could provide a valuable service to collectors by making it easy to find and purchase physical music.
You could generate revenue from your app through a variety of means, such as advertising, affiliate marketing, or direct sales.
Overall, I believe that your app idea has the potential to be successful. With careful planning and execution, you could create a valuable resource for collectors of 80s music.

prototype web app is built on Blogger with Youtube API